About Me

Hi! I’m Dave. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m an internet marketing specialist who’s living his dreams. I was born in a third world country and now I live in Hawaii, in the United States along with my beautiful wife Amy and baby daughter Sophia. My wife helps me run this site. She specializes in diet and nutrition so she runs the health and weight loss stuff while I do the Internet Marketing aspects.  I have a voracious appetite for anything marketing related. I am Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified and I specialize in PPC, SEO, Social Marketing , and Email Marketing.

I have my own business where I freelance my marketing expertise to local businesses to help them improve their online presence and generate more leads/customers/sales. The reviews you see here are for tools that I actually use myself in my business on a daily basis. No hype, no BS. My reviews are real, honest, and blunt. If something is awesome and you need to know about it, I’ll tell you. If something sucks and should be avoided at all costs, I’ll tell you about it.

I truly hope you find my reviews informative and valuable to you and I wish you tons of success in your marketing endeavors.